In certain circumstances, a homeowner has the right to attend mediation to discuss and possibly work out options with their lender. Work out options include better mortgage terms (lower payment, lower interest rate, etc.), principle balance reduction or short sale options. At the mediation hearing, a representative from the lender is present. You too need representation!LET PUJOL LAW HELP YOU TODAY.png

As a homeowner, we want to remind you that you have rights! Pujol Law will protect and defend those rights, and present your options, to give you the best outcome possible. The homeowners options can include:

  • Better mortgage terms, such as lower payment, lower interest rate, etc.
  • Principle balance reduction
  • Short sale options

Our firm can and has successfully represented many homeowners at mediation to help ensure the lender meets their obligation and gives the homeowner the best chance for a loan modification or conciliation to work out.

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